Consulting vs. Coaching

A common question is can clients expect to get business coaching or business consulting, and what is the difference? We provide a combination of both since that is what we find that most small business owners need.

A business coach’s job is to help clients discover, clarify what a client wants to achieve. It is a process of self-discovery where the coach facilitates self-generated breakthroughs through questions and exercises. A business coach builds a relationship with clients to have a deep understanding of the client and their business, and can hold the client accountable for his/her goals.

The power of a business coach can often help clients stop spinning their wheels and look deeper into what really is the right next move for them. However, self-discovery can sometimes be augmented and sped up by consulting and mentoring from the consultant. Working with clients for years a consultant sees a lot of solutions, plans that work, and plans that don’t, techniques, technology, etc. A Building of leadership skills, and thoughtful recommendations can help clients come to their peak performance in a swift manner.



Focus, Skills, Results. Choose Coaching, Consulting, Facilitating and Training that will deliver your company the best results


1-to-1 SharpChip Consulting

Strategy, Skills, Results! Learn your strengths and weaknesses, and implement the fastest easiest way.

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Leadership Development

Leadership skills are the reported to be the most sought after skills in today’s and future businesses. Improve your skills and/or your team’s.

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Company Peak Performance

Feeling stuck? Has your business hit a ceiling? Get your company working at Peak performance.

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Building the Best Team

Staff underachievement? Inconsistent productivity? Transform your team with The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® , a unique learning experience that prepares individuals for success in teams.

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