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We use our dozens of years of Street Smart business building experience to help small business owners achieve their dreams of … more profits…more time off…and less stress with their businesses. Through consulting, training, analysis, coaching, concrete goals, metrics, measurable results and dozens of easy to use instant tools we can help small business owners with the tough jobs like employee management, building business wealth and creating a self-running business.
We are more strategic consultants than anything else. Yes, one of the things that we do is marketing consulting, including all of the latest techniques in cost effective online lead generation, SEO, PPC, social media, web content, newsletter/ezine services, and many more…however that is just a small part. We work with business owners on growing their business, improving their profits, staff, organization and business systems. We cut through the red tape to help owners achieve the success that they want as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Some goals that our clients have achieved are drastic increase in revenues, improved profits, delivering regular consistent paycheck, achieve cash reserves and/or wealth building, a more harmonious and self-running business, cell-phone-free vacations, and tons more. Check out our capabilities section to see some for a more complete list.
In two words “No Fluff”. We find small business owners are short on both time and funds, and they need trusted advisors to help select the most efficient tools to get the job done NOW. Many other firms may suggest lofty/untested ideas, or outdated tools. We have been exciting customers since 1999 with our innovative, proven techniques.
True, the world is full of information that you can gather seemingly for free (even some unsolicited advice from friends’ and family), HOWEVER, Most businesses find that despite having a lot of information and ideas, selecting the best opportunities and implementing solutions is still time consuming and challenging. We can help you get off the “busy-treadmill” and implement your vision. Whether we are working with people one-on-one, in a group, at a live event or in combination with one our products we always provide solid tools to kick your results into overdrive.
No. We help you with solid step by step plans for you and your team, as well as provide many “done-for-you” services where we take things off your to do list.
Structuring pricing packages, service agreements, employee incentive programs, direct response copywriting, sales scripts, secret shopper research and recommendations, SEO, PPC, social media, web content, newsletter/ezine services and many other things that you need done right.

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