Ready to Develop Top Level Leadership Skills? Our Leadership Skills Services are Right for You If …

You or one of your leaders does not feel as confident as you would like in your leadership skills. Our programs teach the best leadership soft skills with a unique level of measurability and built in accountability.
You want to Identify your Best Leadership Style, and how to put that style to work and accelerate your team to its best performance. All of our leadership coaching starts with identifying your leadership style,
You don’t have the time to coach and train managers, supervisors or key players. We can provide professional, customized, best practice teaching and coaching for your leaders to teach them the soft skills they need to be great leaders.
You want to identify where to start, what steps to take and measure the improvement. Our program will identify your leaders best style, give step-by-step process for your leaders to work to their maximum performance, and measure the results.
You want to use the best strategies for identifying and setting achievable goals. Learn how to work with difficult staff members, co-workers who don’t clearly communicate, attract conflict, struggle with teamwork and can be underperformers.


Take your online assessment specifically designed to help small business owners find out how they are going and identify areas they would like to improve.

Companies are Finding Leadership Development Training Critical to Business Success

Leadership development is on the rise in companies. Companies are finding its hard to find leaders that can keep pace with rapidly changing business environment, employee dynamics and industry advancement. Company owners and executives are reporting that in order to achieve their company goals they need to improve their own skills and their leaders’ skills in the following areas and more.

Communication skills
Coaching others
Team leadership
Strategy development
Change leadership
Interpersonal relationship skills
Emotional Intelligence
Motivating others

Small business’ largest challenge in leadership development is finding the time do it.

Effective leadership is critical to success, and development of the next generation of leaders and companies are investing heavily.



Middle Managers




Employees with Influence


Source: Training magazine and Wilson Learning Worldwide collaborative 2018 Leadership Development 500 respondent survey results.

How We Develop Leaders

We coach CEO’s to their Peak Performance

We coach Executives, Managers and Supervisors and develop them into strong leaders

Psychometrics based coaching where we identify your leadership style first. Assessments delivered by DISC certified

The coachee’s implementation style is presented, for faster implementation

Highly effective lessons, exercises, thought leader content, examples, digital accountability tools and key skill development conversations.

We design success profile for each participant at the start.

Regular progress reports with our proprietary composite score for all coachees to recognize their progress, areas of improvement and nuggets ROI of the hard to pinpoint leadership development outcomes.

Many ways to learn. 1-to-1 Coaching, Live Workshops, on-site company training and eLearning options

Executives, Managers, Supervisors and Key Employees receive the support and mentoring the company owner or leaders may not have time to provide.

Gain the most desirable skills in current and future businesses. They are the most desirable because they add the most valuable, and they cannot be duplicated by machines.


Renee has decades of real world experience dealing with some of the toughest industries for attracting, leading and engaging employees, and she uses that experience selecting and developing leadership training tools. Successful Leadership development must tap into one’s own personal motivation triggers, and Renee’s coaching has designed conversations, key questions, assessments and goal setting activities to do that.


We begin each leadership development engagement by identifying your leadership style, your implementation style, your success profile, learning objectives and measurable progress that we can review in regular progress reports. Before you know it you will have many mastery of many soft skills under your belt.


Clients learn, are inspired and take action in many different ways so by providing learning and support tools in many forms to meet all styles you can help but win! From our proprietary digital accountability tools, to our written planner tools, audio, video, workshops and more, our tools make implementation simple.

Popular Topics

Assertiveness, communicate confidence, conflict resolution, leadership communication, giving and receiving feedback

Problem resolution, active listening, managing customer touchpoint, building relationships

Emotional Intelligence improvement techniques, owning your emotions, leading essentials with EQ

Delegating, follow through, feedback, hiring and firing, staff management, accountability

Long and Short range planning techniques, managing projects, running effective meetings, KPI’s, Meeting financial targets

Developing effective processes, formatting systems, documenting, training others

Get things done, improve productivity, fundamentals, time management tools, block schedules and compartmentalized thinking

Leadership Skills Your Company Needs