Ready For Fast Track Growth? Our One-on-One Consulting is right for you if…

You have been working the grind with your business but you feel like you are spinning your wheels. With this program opportunity selection is key, and we begin with simple, powerful actions that have big action, and gets your business unstuck.
At times your business is running you, with you not in control of your time, stress or work life balance. Our program uses real life tools to get your business back in control, build-in lots of "play hard" time and have a life again!
You tired of "quick fixes" and shallow, weightless answers that don't work. Execute a proven plan that clearly and honestly outlines what is required to achieve success. SharpChip programs are built on both book smarts and decades of street smarts.
You've grown tired of mediocre or lack luster profits. You will have a trusted advisor that will give you advice focused on financial analysis and strategic planning designed to maximize profits.
You are exhausted from holding all of the responsibility on your shoulders. Our program will help you not only develop your own leadership style, but also develop a team of leaders who will take on responsibility, follow through and drive your business forward.
You are frustrated with having awesome big ideas, that don't get implemented. Our program was designed for Ridiculously Rapid Results, by making implementation automatic. Our program is developed based on the latest science of motivation, and a concrete plan with well defined, achievable steps.

Our Results


Clients increase annual revenue by $50,000-$300,000 within the first year.


of Consults clients report result in more focus.


Pivotal Advancements a year made by our clients.


9 out of 10 people feel more in control of their business within just the first consult. And 100% within the first 3.


3 X
Profitability Increase or more is achieved by SharpChip clients with a profitability goal.


Take our online assessment specifically designed to
help small business owners find out how they are
going and identify areas they would like to improve.

3 Keys to Success


Renée O’Brien has built multiple businesses and spent the last 20+ years consulting with small businesses helping them move from startup to $5 million. Renee has facilitated over 18,000 consults and worked with over 1000 clients through one-on-one consulting, workshops and group facilitation, resulting in a mountainous library of real world solutions.


Structure built to make implementation of YOUR VISION automatic, including proven systems, best practices and metrics. Building plans with amazing outcomes, coming from defined, measurable, bite size steps, and major accomplishments every two weeks.


Clients learn, are inspired and take action in many different ways depending on their style. So, by identifying your implementation style first, and then providing content and support tools in many forms to meet all styles. From our proprietary digital accountability tools, to our written planner tools, audio, video, workshops and more, our tools make implementation simple.


Are you capitalizing on the latest trends,strategies and best pratices? Are you driving your business,or is it driving you nuts?

Program’s 7 Principles

Decades of consulting with small business owners has led to the development of SharpChip programs. It is based on what Renee O’Brien sees as the 7 principles of entrepreneurial triumph. To achieve maximum successful small business leaders must…
Be a master of time, working on the “important” things in the business, and DEMANDING a lifestyle
Keep your eye on the ball, and be numbers/data driven
Communicate vision with enthusiasm to get the best out of people
Attract great people AND build an outstanding team
Value relationships, not transactions
Focus on the long view and begin with the end in mind
Believe that Innovation is critical in business success in this digital age, to avoid being a commodity

What’s Included

Each week you’ll be supported through the program with a structure designed to maximize your experience. Start with your Discovery meeting to identify the biggest, baddest goals for your business. Followed by a bundle of Launch Meetings where we will thoroughly discover your vision in detail, translated into a complete Action Plan. Finally, execute with mastery with our 7-x-7 Results Program, with steps by step actions and measurable results every two weeks. Stay on track with your goals, you’ll have access to our unique accountability, metrics tracking and results journaling tools.
Have access to plenty of mind-bending ideas, perspectives and examples and is critical to your success in making your creative ideas come true. Consulting includes samples, micro lessons, checklists, videos, audios, strategies, business models and more. Our resource materials cover all kinds of areas of leadership, profitability, customer experience, marketing, sales, processes, systems, hiring and more.
We will provide support and encouragement to get you motivated and keep you focused on your goals through thick and thin. Solid advice is just a click or a call away to help solve some of your toughest problems. You are in good company since we provide support to some of the best small business owners.

What to Expect

Sharpchip Programs developed from Renee’s real world success and best practice proficiencies…


Are you capitalizing on the latest trends,strategies and best pratices? Are you driving your business,or is it driving you nuts?